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An adaptive platform for meeting your corporate clients requirements. Increase efficiency, cut costs and grow revenue .


The Business-to-enterprise (B2E) sales channel a rich advanced booking tool that can easily mold into any company's procurement policy considering budget, travel policies and preferred partners. HajjUmrahTech specially design B2E Travel Portal for cooperate customers to access complete travel products using easy-to-use interface. Our B2E travel portal solution is integrated with leading GDS systems. Our B2E corporate travel portal offers a flexible online booking platform to serve their business requirements hassle-free. Our system supports a wide range of travel products, including hotels, flights, car , transfers, activities, cruiseetc on a single platform. HajjUmrahTech always concentrate on security, reliability and quality performance and always believes that these three factors play a major role in enhancing the business successfully by gaining the customer satisfaction. We successfully partnered with many market leading airline and hotel consolidators and was successful in delivering the business requirements through the years. We guarantee in serving the clients with industry standard methodologists and with high performance in earning the customer satisfaction. The utilization of our industry standards gives the benefit to the clients to capitalize on their investment over a long solution, building their business as needed and deriving all time success from solutions.


Travel Solution for Corporate Organizations also known as the B2E model provides an online booking platform for their employees. Basic requirements for corporate travel booking stay the same, it may differ from one company to another depending on their in-house travel plan. Corporate Travel Management is much more than just planning for a client to travel. The Business-to-Enterprise (B2E) travel technology solution is most widely used among corporate customers. Suitable for travel agents selling services to corporate customers can immensely benefit from the HajjUmrahTech’sB2E Booking System. It provides efficient and flexible self-booking tools for a wide product range. Choosing from a diverse range of travel products, including low-cost hotels, flights and bed banks, travelers will have the ability to book flights, hotels, car hire, ground services, insurance and transfers and many in one simple itinerary. This corporate travel technology integrates all live inventories around the world with scheduled corporate flight tariffs including low-cost airlines as well as live domestic & international hotels, bus, car & leisure packages. At HajjUmrahTech, we create products that give employees everything they need to make better travel decisions, wherever they are. With the most insightful, safe and efficient technologies, staff will save the company's money, stay connected, and do more anywhere in the world.


HajjUmrahTech is one of the world's leading travel technology companies for B2E travel portals, allowing our consumers to serve their clients efficiently, with the best price and inventory. We deliver our services through robust and scalable platforms and complemented by innovative web technologies. The great strength of our B2E platform is its ability to integrate current technological innovations with an easy-to-use interface. These admin panels enable admin a fast and efficient way to upload the details and present them in an attractive way. We believe and it has been proven the success of any business depends on finding the pulse of the client and fulfilling their requirement effectively. B2E corporate travel portal with the HajjUmrahTech makes sure to operate with better value for customers. The B2E travel website development portal is designed to give exhaustive options for air travel domestic and international. It has value-added travel information that a guest may not be able to observe on the company intranet . B2E travel website development facilitates the guests to book the ticket for their business trip or for personal uses, the moment it gets booked user receives PNR on Mobile and ticket on mail.


HajjUmrahTech B2E with the most advanced technology helps corporate travelers to have real-time access to travel products using a simple and intuitive environment. It provides secure and flexible self-booking tools that make a wide range of product offerings available. Depending on your business needs, travel solutions are provided in real-time in a transparent and simple manner. HajjUmrahTech’s well designed B2E Travel Portal solution specifically keeping in mind the requirements of the corporate world It provides aone-stop solution to all their travel needs using a simple and instinctive manner. This dynamic product of HajjUmrahTech is a world-class online corporate travel portal product designed for very large companies, corporations , and small businesses alike that handle both employees and other organizational staff bookings. This online travel product is the first option for corporate travel agencies and is ideal for travel agents and agencies that actively sell services to corporate clients, these agencies can immensely benefit from our B2E Travel Portal Software which will help their travel business to expand rapidly by offering a variety of services to the sub-agent network. The product is easily scalable with different levels of hierarchies which provide easiness for Enterprises for Bookings of its number of employees and defines the escalation matrix within the organization.


HajjUmrahTech offers most intuitive, secure, and powerful solutions, employees will save your company money, stay connected, and get more done anywhere in the world.


Online Travel Market Place is designed to facilitate the business relationships between the companies & their TMC’s. This travel platform empowers companies to acquire content across the globe from TMCs, Regional OTAs and travel suppliers. Our technology provides unparalleled flexibility enabling your partners to have full control over their brands, market price, and services, each having a personalized store front inside your marketplace. Our system can connect numerous small agencies on a single platform thus giving the liberty to its clients to focus on what they do best: assist travelers and create great and unforgettable experiences for its end consumers.


Fast Time-to-Market at HajjUmrahTech, we understand the needs of the travel market in diverse geographies and are uniquely equipped to deliver the best in class products with the shortest time to market. We have built a wide range of proven, ready-to-deploy solutions that fit most business models, helping you minimize the overall development time and get your products out into the market quicker. Our platform is modular, enabling you to connect to API products for other companies such as Transfers, Sightseeing / Day Tours, Car Rental Suppliers, but without any new interface creation, as our single API framework is driven entirely by the request structure.


One Platform for Multiple Channels, Our B2E online portal is a one-stop travel shop offering access to all travel services including airline tickets, hotels, tours & excursions, holiday packages, car rentals and much more. Our one-stop platform for all your multiple needs which reduces multiple touchpoints and minimizes management hassle. We designed it to integrate with multiple travel channels. With HajjUmrahTech, bookings from multiple channels are automatically added to one platform. Seamless Integration with customers using different models like b2c, b2b, b2e, b2b2b, Corporate Self booking tool, Expense Management etc. Integrate content from varied sources and make them available through an integrated self-booking travel portal.


Enterprise Suite for Travel helps your end-users right from their travel planning, to booking to modifying their travel plan and providing travel advisory services. From domestic and international air reservations to hotel bookings to Packages (both Static & Dynamic) to Car Rentals/Transfers to Sightseeing, this enterprise suite meets the unique requirement of every traveler and offers several value-added services & benefits. HajjUmrahTech Online Booking System designed to reduce cost and increase sales. It integrates under a single technological travel platform to offer multiple high-quality services. Our best-in-class technology, are uniquely interconnected and mutually supportive to maximize results for your travel business.

Benefits of B2E Travel Portals

  • Customizable Account Permission
  • Best Fare Finder
  • Hotel Point of Interest Search
  • Advanced Reporting Suite
  • Flexible Employee Notification
  • Reporting Tool
  • Cost Codes & Purchase Orders
  • Booking History
  • Full Profile System With APIS
  • White Label Tool
  • Combined Single Fare Search

Features of B2E Travel Portal

  • Effortlessly offer and manage Holidays, Hotels, Flights, Transfers& More.
  • Booking engines for Hotels, Flights, Holidays, Activities and Transfer services.
  • Integrated shopping cart and Payment Gateways.
  • Live chat and feedback options for customers.
  • 24*7*365 availability for all your sub agents.
  • Registration and membership for customers.
  • Automated back office panel for markup, commission, refund and cancellation policy.
  • MIS reports for the administrator.
  • Accounting management and manage markups.
  • Combined Single Fare Search Travel Policy Complaint Booking Engine
  • Ready integration with popular ERPs
  • Better adherence to corporate travel policy
  • Dedicated support to specific email communications
  • Helps ensure traveler security
  • Helps in providing a unique travel experience to your users

Key Capabilities

  • Set policy - Tailor travel policies and restrictions. We'll even help you set policies and restrictions if you don't have them in place.
  • Automated exchange - Rebook, reuse or refund — our automated ticket exchange reduces your unused ticket liability seconds.
  • Approve in advance - Unique pre-trip approval and notification workflow save time and money.
  • Dynamic messaging - Receive automated notifications about changes to itineraries.
  • Repeat bookings - Easily replicate frequent trips and store your travel preferences to streamline future bookings.
  • Go mobile - Search and book all your travel needs on our mobile app.
  • Control messaging - Create, change and delete custom messages to communicate certain travel policy or supplier related info.

Choosing right travel technology partner - Why us?

  • Domain Experience - Having several years of experience in developing solutions for travel services ranging from Online Travel for Customers (B2C), Travel Agents (B2B), Corporate Employees (B2E) to manage all travel services: flight, hotel, cruise, sightseeing, Transfers, car rental, etc.
  • Reduced Cost - Costs covering all aspects are considered and not the only infrastructure, operating and resource cost. This greatly reduces the total expense of end-to-end operations for travel management companies. The cost is upfront discussed and mutually agreed upon.
  • Technology Expertise - We have been using the technology stacks for many years in various technology platforms including Microsoft, Java, JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, NodeJS, Blockchain, Big Data and other Open Travel (OTA) XML messaging standards.
  • Better Efficiency - We implement agile development technique and regular interaction to ensure that status, visibility and tracking are maintained so that all bottlenecks are identified and immediate remedial actions are taken that eliminate any gaps and generate better performance.

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