HajjUmrahTech focuses on the easy-to-use interactive interface that allows users to navigate through specific travel itineraries and generate query in a very efficient manner.The latest technology guarantees a good return on investment. This allows small, medium and large tourism companies to deal with process management, integration of CRM and ERP systems.

  • Cloud Technology : We are innovators and are continually renewing ourselves. We deliver technologies such as "Next Generation Cloud Access and Security."
  • Web-Based : It doesn't need to be used on the same device. We provide access to every mobile device and computer.
  • Support : We don't leave you alone through our online support tools, the Q&A program, and our knowledgebase collection.


  • Easy Bookings and Payment Reminders to clients
  • Easy integrations of tools for Photo Resizing, Document Verification, Chatbots and many more
  • Easy to manage Agents or Suppliers related to Hotels, Activities, Transport, and Flights
  • Multiple Payment Gateway integrations of your choice
  • Responsive Website with booking features
  • Integrate seamlessly to your Accounting System
  • CRM, Reservations and Operational Accounting
  • Easy to manage daily operations related to Passport, Data, VISA and Pilgrim Agreements
  • SEO friendly pages and Advertisements /Promotions and Deals
  • Extensive Booking Reports
  • Add to a Short Tour
  • Premium Bus Seating Supplements
  • Management of customer feedback
  • Management of Tour Guide Expenses
  • Dynamical dashboard
  • Connect a Cruise to the Main Tour
  • Management of the Agent Commission
  • Visa Modules
  • Login to Customer
  • Design your seats for the bus


  • Accounting : Develop detailed reports for future periods, understanding each phase of all processes from the lowest cost of the tour provided.Easily generate invoices.
  • Authorization : You can authorize and control the level of access of the staff as per the specific groups that can be prepared.
  • Process management : All the levels of your administrative work (warehouse management, product tracking purchasing document management) are under your control.
  • Dynamic Form : Custom forms and reports can be designed in unlimited formats as you desire. Designs that are compatible with any purpose are prepared in this way.
  • Event Logs : Security is our main principle. In this way, no records and operations are unaware.
  • Visa Passport : By clicking a single key, you will handle the online process management and integration actions of all visa/passport.


  • Quick Reporting
  • All kinds of Accounting Transactions
  • Tour Management
  • Ticketing Procedures
  • Visa / Passport Procedures
  • Customer Management