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HajjUmrahTech has been Preferred IT Provider for Airlines and Travel Aggregator for Travel Agents.


HajjUmrahTech, one of the World's leading travel technology company has been certified by all leading consolidators as an I.T provider. We help integrate IATA approved ticketing systems such as Global Distribution System (GDS) for travel agents so that they can sell the tickets directly online through their B2C, B2B, B2B2C, and B2B2B agents. We extend IATA software for travel agencies, tour operators, travel aggregators, and hospitality companies. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the #1 organization for inter-airline cooperation with travel companies in supporting secure, reliable, and inexpensive air services.


HajjUmrahTech is one of the best travel technology companies across the globe which provides IATA Software to travel companies. HajjUmrahTech equips travel companies with required software tools enabling them to gain a competitive edge and increase revenue. IATA Software is considered to be one of the most important strategies for a travel agent because most airline bookings are done through the BSP Channel. In order to book from IATA BSP, the travel agent needs to be get registered with IATA as an IATA travel agent. However, it is also possible to purchase and sell tickets without getting affiliated with IATA. All travel agents who do implement are known as non-IATA/independent travel agents. These travel agents either purchase tickets from other IATA travel agencies or from the airline.


HajjUmrahTech as a leading travel technology company plays a major role in implementing the best practices. We built all our solutions on latest technologies and we move a step ahead by integrating our solutions with global wholesalers and GDS. IATA International Air Transport Association is the trade association of all the world's travel companies. It supports in developing the industry standards on the areas related to critical aviation issues. IATA now launched NDC (new distribution capability) is an XML based data transmission standard that allows beating the challenges of the current distribution system for airlines.


We offer the best in class ticket booking system with a seamless user experience. Our software is a seal of approval recognized globally.IATA Software greatly simplifies the business relationship between travel agents and airlines. Today, IATA's mission is to suggest, lead and serve the airline industry. The IATA is the main organization for inter-airline cooperation in supporting secure, reliable, and inexpensive air services. Our products help travel businesses in delivering effortless services to their clients. IATA agents sometimes have an important deal based upon the country's (PCC code Pseudo city code).


Our proven business solution strategy combines personalized service excellence with market-leading travel technology to deliver a return on investment to our customers.


Personalization Solutions, we help airlines and travel agencies to retail travel through analyzing consumer behavior and prepare offers to fulfill the needs of the customers. Our intelligent platform assists airlines to present content across all channels to customers in a way that is simple to consume and tailored to the right point in their journey.


Increase Revenues, with our solutions, travel companies can further personalize their offers, build loyalty, and increase revenues, allowing airlines to sell more exciting content, and deliver full flight experience. IATA certification help build credibility amongst customers, boost the revenue of your travel business significantly and builds a strong link between airlines and travel agents.


Seamless Integration, we deliver a seamless and enhancing end-to-end travel experience, and offerings from their joint ventures, which require better real-time communication and integration standards for airline retailing .We offer a best-in-class ticket booking system with seamless user experience. NDC schemas give the opportunity to address the end-to-end airline distribution process, and to deliver enhanced customer experiences.


  • Monitor and maintain high level of membership satisfaction
  • Help formulate industry policies on critical aviation issues
  • Improve the regulatory and legal environment like consumer protection, infrastructures etc.
  • Ensure 100% IATA members are aware of requirements of resolutions
  • Commencement of different programs and certifications like distribution and payments etc. for better insights and learnings for the people working or will to work with Aviation industry.


  • Systemized procedures to confirm fair dealings with the airlines
  • Entrance to IATA airline members with a single Sales Agency Agreement which allows the sale of international and/or domestic tickets
  • Specific identification throughout the universal travel industry
  • Access to Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP), an efficient interface for invoicing and payment between the agent, airlines and transport providers
  • Professional recognition - eligible agency employees can apply for the IATA/IATAN ID Card - giving access to travel suppliers' concessionary offers

Our comprehensive software for IATA agents and travel agencies

  • Flight Reservation System
  • Hotel Reservation System
  • Car Reservation System
  • B2B and B2C online travel agency
  • Sightseeing and Attractions Booking System
  • Transfer Booking System
  • Cruise Booking System

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